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Easy Keto and Low Carb School Lunches!

Easy Keto and Low Carb School Lunches!

Healthy School Lunches for your kids can be an epic struggle.  When you're trying to keep it healthy with low carb, gluten free, or processed sugar free meals to fuel your kids, the options can seem limited.  You want to keep your kids fueled with healthy foods, so what's a Mom or Dad to do?!

You told me you want some ideas and HERE THEY ARE!  Check out these 5 simple school lunches to send with your kids (or bring to work!) any day of the week!  Portion them to the needs of your kids!

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Lunch Egg Salad and 90s Bread Keto and Low Carb.jpg

Egg Salad on 90 Second Bread

Make Egg Salad for the adults and the kiddos!  It's easy to Pressure cook (we have this one) a dozen eggs and make a big batch of egg salad for the family! You can save a few hard boiled eggs as a side dish for another day, or make the whole pot into egg salad! 

Click here-> Egg Instant Pot Recipe

Click here-> 90 Second Bread Recipe


School lunch ham with Cheese keto and low carb

Diced Ham with Cheese

Super simple and satisfies just about any kid!  You can really use any leftover meat from dinner the night before!  If we make a cauliflower/broccoli casserole with (like this one), we'll just pull a little off to the side for lunches.  You can do this with steak, pork, or anything else you're making!  I usually dice it up so my little kids can eat it easier, but you can leave larger pieces too!

School lunch chicken salad 90 second bread keto and low carb

Chicken Salad on 90 Second Bread

My Pressure Cooker/Ninja Foodi (this one) is definitely a go-to when I'm making lunches for the week.  After I cook up eggs, I might also do a batch of chicken (instructions here) that I can shred or dice for a dinner casserole or for chicken salad for lunch.  When I can make meat for multiple meals at once...I'm a happy guy!  Check out our Chicken Salad recipe here: Chicken Salad


School lunches chicken tenders keto and low carb

Chicken Tenders with BBQ & Ranch

While you're making some chicken in your Instant Pot, grab some chicken tenders from Costco or your nearest grocery store to make this awesome lunch finger food!  Here's a super easy way to Instant pot some chicken: Cooking Instructions

I cook the tenders in poultry seasoning and then include a side of Ranch and BBQ sauce (this option from Stevia Sweet or this one from Alterna Sweets)

School lunch deli wrap sandwhich low carb and keto lunches

Deli Wrap with Low Carb Tortillas

Simple Low Carb Tortillas like these Folios or Coconut wraps make super easy lunches.  Buy your favorite deli meat (less processed the better!), add some avocado, greens and cheese and you've got a healthy, utensil free lunch!

Easy Keto and Low Carb School Snacks!

Easy Keto and Low Carb School Snacks!

Keto Granola Energy Bars

Keto Granola Energy Bars