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Easy Keto and Low Carb School Snacks!

Easy Keto and Low Carb School Snacks!

Keep your work and school lunches healthy with these simple Keto and Low Carb snack ideas!  We've got a great list here to keep you fueled all day long.  Whether you're looking to add a little something to your lunch or just an after school or weekend snack, add some of these to your list!

Everyone loves ideas, so HERE THEY ARE!  Check out these 5 simple snacks to send with your kids (or bring to work!) any day of the week!  Portion them to the needs of your kids!

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Snacks almonds nuts moon cheese keto and low carb lunch

Nuts and Moon Cheese

Looking for a little crunch during snack time?  Portion your snack perfectly with a handful of nuts and Moon Cheese!

Carbs vary quite a bit based on the type of nut, so make sure you check out the nutritional facts for what you choose!  Haven't tried of Moon Cheese?  Check it out here on Amazon! We snag a big bag at Costco!


Snacks carrots coconut clusters keto and low carb lunch

Carrots and Coconut Clusters

A few veggies and a crunchy snack makes this low carb option a winner for our kids!  It definitely falls on the "low carb" end of snacks rather than Keto, but our kids love this option!  The low carb Coconut Cluster mix from Amazon is sweet enough to taste like dessert, but be sure to check the nutritional label to see if it fits into your lifestyle!

Snacks Celery and almond butter Justin's Low carb and Keto Lunch

Almond Butter and Celery

These little nut butter snack packs have become one of our favorite snacks!  You can either eat them by themselves (like this Justin's from Amazon) or squeeze them with no mess on to celery!  Check out all the options in flavors and pick the one that works best for your lifestyle!  


Snack String Cheese Almond Butter Beef Jerky Keto and Low Carb.jpg

String Cheese, Almond Butter and Beef Jerky

Busy families may want to have something like this on hand for those crazy days where you were up late the night before, didn't make it to the grocery store and everyone is running late!  These are some of my favorite pre-packaged foods you can have on hand for those "grab-and-go" mornings or afternoons!  Remember - keep it simple and make it a lifestyle you can sustain!  Here's a link to Boss Babe's FAVORITE chocolate Barney Butter! We grab Chomps from Trader Joe’s or here on Amazon!

Snacks blueberries and string cheese Keto and low carb lunch

String Cheese and Blueberries

This is an easy snack to have on hand - just keep your favorite string cheese in the fridge and a package of whatever berries are in season!  We love to choose berries as a fruit option because they generally are low carb.  We love blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries!  Just watch the portion size as you pour them out.

Packing Your Keto or Low Carb Lunchbox!

Packing Your Keto or Low Carb Lunchbox!

Easy Keto and Low Carb School Lunches!

Easy Keto and Low Carb School Lunches!