Focus.  Energy.  Fat Loss.  Sleep.  Strength.  Mood.
Have you tried Ketones you can drink? The latest in Ketone technology backed by research! Make this Keto Diet a Lifestyle!


What are the benefits?

Focus.  Energy.  Fat Loss.  Sleep.  Strength.  Mood.

How do I drink my ketone supplement? 

Add some water (16oz-20oz, to taste) and a little ice, shake!  Want a little more spice in your life?  Use sparkling water (La Croix) or even add a little heavy cream!

When do I drink Ketones?

You can drink them any time you want!  Shake them up when you would normally reach for a snack!
I love drinking Ketones in the mid-morning.  My wife prefers them in the afternoon when she's worn out from the kids all day!  The caffeine version (charged) has the equivalent caffeine to a cup of coffee.

What if I'm already in Ketosis?

Fantastic!  This will deepen your level of ketosis, give you more energy, and help with those cravings!

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