My Journey to Ketosis …and becoming The Keto Dad

The Keto Dad

2015 was a big year for me.  I had a 2 year old daughter with a second on the way.  I was an airline pilot with a crazy, unpredictable schedule.  We were running two small business.  My whole family was exhausted.  

Then I learned about Ketones and Ketosis.  

And we started a Recipe Blog! Check it out!

Thank goodness!  Because now we have two little girls and are even busier!

A little background:

The Ketogenic lifestyle may be revolutionary to some, but it's been around for centuries!  Our ancestors ate a high fat diets of butter and meat, intermittent fasted, and were often in ketosis. The availability and types of foods have changed drastically the last 50-100 years as we moved into a highly processed grain and sugar society.  Suddenly we found ourselves in Drs offices with a slew of maladies that appeared suspiciously just as our our diets changed.  

I was a processed carb lover who thought cereal was good, juice was an essential nutrient, and loved a low-fat fridge.  Then, a good friend introduced me to exogenous ketones and I was blown away.  I jumped right in with both feet (the rest of my family waded in slowly!) and continued to research the lifestyle as I made changes to what was in our kitchen.  My meals now focus on a native diet with an emphasis on low carb, high fat.  The result?  The Keto Dad page shares my journey of being home with my kids, cooking real, keto foods, and living life to the fullest!


The changes I saw: 

I was tired.  My wife was tired.  We had a two year old who had just moved to her toddler bed and decided sleep was for the birds.  My wife was pregnant with our second and we were both working full time AND owned side businesses.  Ketone supplements have changed our lives, given us more energy, mental clarity, a better mood (when loving our children through sleepless nights, "Terrible Twos" and "Threenager" stages!), and fat loss.  And, they've enabled us to quit our jobs and share Keto full time!

Its a Family Affair

Our whole family is involved.  Cooking can be one of the worst things you do with the kids (oh my, the mess!) and one of the more rewarding.  Cooking with kids builds lots of skills - patience, following instructions, math, science, and it builds a positive appreciation for food.  My daughter, Keto Callie, used to be a picky eater.  And she still is choosy.  But now that she's involved, she's far more likely to try different foods and love the foods that are good for her!  Keto Baby is right behind her!

the keto dad easy keto recipes for your family

Sharing the Experience

Through this journey I have found that the most rewarding experiences come with joining others.  My favorite days are the ones spent talking with others, encouraging new lifestyle changes, celebrating successes, and getting back on track.  I don't have a professional kitchen, camera crew, or staff...It's just me and my wife in our kitchen surrounded by the craziness of life!

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Wondering if the Keto Lifestyle is right for you?

I met a guy in Iowa who lost 115 lbs in less than a year (and is keeping it off!).  I hear stories every day from people who have lost 30-45lbs and are maintaining their new weight.

I've met people with T2 diabetes who are able to reduce their insulin and other medications because the ketogenic lifestyle levels their blood sugars.

I met countless moms and dads who love the better energy and mood they get from feeling GOOD and eating healthy.

Do you want this too?  Eating Keto can be SIMPLE, FUN and EASY!  Check out my Keto 101 Video in the menu above!

Join us in the Keto Revolution!

Consult your doctor for any medical advice!