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Keto and Low Carb Sweeteners with Boss Babe

Keto and Low Carb Sweeteners with Boss Babe

Choose the RIGHT Ketogenic Sweetener for your Lifestyle! 
Everything You Need to Know!

Ketogenic sweeteners sugar recipes and baking on the keto diet

Living the Ketogenic Lifestyle for us has meant that we make a lot of our recipes from scratch!  So what do you do when your new Keto dessert recipe calls for a sweetener?! 

Check out this list and video below.  I have included Amazon links for everything so you can buy right away online, or see what you'll be looking for at the Grocery store! 

You'll notice any sweetener that has Stevia requires the use of a conversion table (located on the product packaging).  Stevia is sweeter. 

Give a few a try and you'll find the right one for you!  Scroll to the bottom for Boss Babe's video!

Ketogenic sweeteners keto recipes and ketosis

Swerve: Erythritol
Confectioners (Powdered), Granulated and Brown Sugar options
  Granulated (most common): Click Here
  2-Pack of Confectioners and Granulated: Click Here
  Brown Sugar: Click Here

Liquid Stevia: Stevia Extract
  Dropper: Click Here
  Flavor Variety Pack: Click Here

Truvia: Stevia and Erythritol Blend: 
  My favorite for coffee! Click Here

Keto Sweeteners Ketogenic Diet, Stevia Erythritol Sukrin

Sukrin: Erythritol and Stevia
Icing (Powdered), Sukrin 1 (Granulated) and Gold (Brown Sugar) options
*Watch the size of bags when you're calculating value - they range from 250g to 450g to 500g!  The smaller bags they call "Samplers".
  Granulated: Click Here
  Brown Sugar: Click Here

Monk Fruit
These also range in size quite a bit!  They come in Granulated and Brown Sugar options as well
  Granulated: Click Here

But What About These Two Popular Options....?

Looking for a "Gateway" Sweetener?  These two options are NOT Keto and will definitely cause a glycemic impact, but they have become popular with the rise of the Low Carb and Keto Lifestyles.  I wanted to touch on them for that reason.  I sometimes use these to bake when my extended family comes over (they are carb-avores)!  I never use them if I want to stay in Ketosis.

Ketogenic recipes keto sweeteners ketosis keto desserts

Truvia Baking Blend: Erythritol, Cane Sugar and Stevia
The closest to white cane sugar that I've found.  Again, not Keto, but a step in the right direction
  Baking Blend (this is a 2pack - I have found the single packs at Target): Click Here

Coconut Palm Sugar:
The least-good option.  Unfortunately it was Boss Babe's favorite until she read this article on sweeteners.  But here it is just in case you've heard about it too!  Click Here to see it on Amazon.  Also commonly available at Target.

Keto Boss Babe walks you through all the sweeteners!

Keto and Low Carb Flours with Boss Babe

Keto and Low Carb Flours with Boss Babe