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Keto Starbucks Pink Drink

Keto Starbucks Pink Drink

Keto Boss Babe fell in love with Starbucks Teas this spring! Luckily there’s a Keto version with heavy cream and sugar free vanilla. We found that making them at home as been surprisingly easy!

Use this simple recipe to create this super fun drink that you and your entire family will love!

Keto Starbucks pink drink

Here are the Ingredients You’ll Need:

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can leave out the heavy cream and just drink the tea with the vanilla sweetener! It’s delicious and dairy free!

  • Still want some creaminess but no dairy? Use coconut milk instead!

  • Letting the hot tea melt the ice adds water to the drink. If it’s already cold (ex: made it ahead of time), pour over ice and add some additional water to taste. Or, if you like it strong, drink it as is! The “normal” way to brew a pitcher is with 64 oz of water and we’re only using 32, so adding water is not abnormal.

If you’re going to buy this at Starbucks, check out our video here on how to order! Just keep in mind the sweeteners in their sugar free syrups include Sucralose and maltodextrine.
-Grande Passion Iced Tea
-No Classic (the sugar syrup)
-Splash of Heavy Cream
-2 Pumps Sugar Free Vanilla
**If you order with with “No Water, it will have a stronger tea flavor. They usually do add water (and that’s more mild!)

Keto Starbucks Pink Drink


  • Bring 32 oz of water to boil

  • Steep Tea bag for 5 minutes, then remove

  • Fill an 8oz glass full with ice

  • Add in 1T Heavy Whipping Cream

  • Add in 1 dropper of Vanilla Liquid Stevia

  • Mix and enjoy!

Macros: Nothing with just the tea and sweetener. Each Tablespoon of heavy cream will at 5g of fat and 50 calories. Your coconut milk will depend on the kind you use!

Watch The Boss Babe make this recipe!

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