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Top 5 Accessories for your Instant Pot

Top 5 Accessories for your Instant Pot

So you got an Instant Pot. What’s next? Do you need any accessories? There are lots of options out there, but what will accessories work best for your favorite Keto recipes? We’ve been using our Instant Pot for over a year and have a list of our top 5 favorite accessories here!

This 6qt Duo 7 in 1 is a great option and the Duo 6qt 9 in 1 is the Instant Pot we own, but the accessories come in any size - make sure you buy the one that fits your Instant Pot! Not sure if you need an Instant Pot? Check out our Blog post, 5 Reasons Why You Need an Instant Pot!

Here are a few of our favorite things!

1) Silicone Egg Bites Mold

Ketogenic diet Instant pot tips recipes egg sous vide

We absolutely LOVE our Egg Sous Vide recipe. If you haven’t tried this one yet, order this mold and get started! There are also TONS of other recipes to make using this mold, ranging from mini meat loafs to brownies and lasagna! So add it to your wish list and start picking out recipes! Oh - and priced at under $10, it’s a great buy!
*Bonus tip…we also use these as a mold for freezer fat bombs! They’re a little big for a normal serving size, so just pop them out and cut them in half to serve!

2) Additional Sealing Rings

I highly recommend an extra ring or two for the inside of your Instant Pot. We LOVE cooking meat - stews, pork, chicken etc. However, when we go for a dessert or a nice fluffy egg sous vide…. that delicious meat smell…hangs around! Using one ring for your Dinner dishes and another for your Desserts will help you avoid cheesecake with a hint of beef!

Using the different color rings like the set linked above can help you remember which goes with the different flavors. Make sure you buy the size that matches the instant pot you own!

Instant pot hard boiled egg ketogenic keto recipe

3) Hard Boiled Egg holder

You can pretty much guarantee every week I’m making either chicken or hard boiled eggs in my Instant Pot. It’s just so easy using our 5-5-5 cooking rule to get the perfect hard boiled eggs that peel like a dream!

Remember, you always need at least a cup of water when you’re cooking in the Instant pot. Using a Trivet or egg holder to then set your eggs on makes it super easy to pull those hot eggs out and put them in to ice water.

There are two options. Either a rack or trivet (one level or two) like this one HERE or a basket like this one HERE. You can stack eggs on top of each other, so the basket works just fine. Or, a single layer trivet will work as well! Remember, you have to pull them out of the hot Instant Pot and put them in ice water… so keep that in mind if you balance and stack them up!

4) Additional Cooking Pot

You might want this if you absolutely LOVE your instant pot! An extra pot can be handy if you’re cooking multiple dishes in a row (maybe a dinner followed by a dessert) and you don’t have time to clean in between! Or, maybe you are serving a soup from the Instant Pot and want to get a vegetable steamed or dessert cooking. You can just swap out the pot without worrying about transferring the contents!

5) Steam Basket

If you love to steam veggies, shrimp, or fish, you’re going to love this steaming basket! You can even use this when you hard boil your eggs! If you make broth or need to use it as a strainer…it can do that too.

Bonus tip: Remember when you’re steaming, you’ll generally want to do a quick pressure release. That keeps your steamed veggies and shrimp from getting soggy!

keto diet instant pot steam shrimp dinner recipe

keto diet instant pot crockpot dinner recipes

Want to just order what I consider the Boss Babe and Keto Dad Essentials? This package here is a great price and includes pretty much everything we use. A egg trivet, egg sous vide mold, steam pan, spring form pan and tongs! Check this package out on Amazon!

Regardless of what you get, you’ll be able to make great meals with your Instant Pot! Don’t let it sit in your cabinet…wow your family with delicious Keto soups, meals, desserts and more. And message me - let me know what your favorite recipes are!

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