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Why You Need a Keto Cookbook … and My 3 Favorites this Season!

Why You Need a Keto Cookbook … and My 3 Favorites this Season!

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“There’s so much information out there…I just want to know how to get started on the Keto Diet!?”

Did you know that’s one of the most common questions we get! Well, here’s our answer!

The first thing we is suggest is to watch this Keto 101 video, the next is to get a good cookbook! No, we haven’t written our own, there are some AMAZING authors already out there you’re going to want to check out. When people ask for a book to read or more information about the Keto Lifestyle, I generally don’t recommend jumping in to a scientific dissertation. You don’t need a 200 page book on the history of a macro and a detailed explanation on carbon atoms to be successful on Keto.

If you want the research, grab a book like The Ketogenic Bible. But if you want to learn how to actually SUCCEED at the Keto Lifestyle, grab a cookbook with a good opening chapter! What you need is understandable, actionable information that gives you the basics of Keto and how to be successful. Did you know some of the BEST information I’ve read is just from the first chapter of Keto cookbooks? AND you get recipes too!

I’m sharing three of my favorite authors (in no particular order!) and why I LOVE their cookbooks. If you’re looking to get started on the Keto Lifestyle, look no further! Check out my favorites and let’s get CRUSH this together!

Carolyn Ketchum cookbook keto recipes everyday ketogenic living

Cookbook #1:

Carolyn Ketchum is one of my favorite cookbook authors and has published a variety of cookbooks! Probably our most used cookbook is her Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen. The recipes are so easy and family friendly. Some of our favorites are her Basic Almond Flour Crackers, Taco Pie and Chocolate Crepes!

So why should you buy this one if you’re looking for more info on Keto? One of the advantages of buying her cookbook is the great content in the beginning. This one has the basics of what Keto means (macros), health benefits, and tips on how to succeed with the lifestyle and in the kitchen. It’s short (read it in one sitting), easy to understand, and just enough of an intro make you confident to get started on the Keto Lifestyle. Pair it with the awesome recipes, and you have a …recipe for success!

Carolyn Ketchum keto cookbook recipes dinner desserts soup

Another great option is to buy one or two (or all three!) of her Easy Keto series. These make AWESOME gifts for your Keto, Low Carb or even Gluten Free friends and family! However, these don’t have the longer forewords/ education sections that the larger Keto cookbooks have. So if you’re looking for the basics of how to get started with Keto, you’ll want to buy another as well. What they do have is a nice summary that’s relevant to the individual book. For example, the Keto Desserts book has information on sweeteners and the Dinners has short summaries for the different types of meat (chicken, beef etc).

Easy Keto Dinners is one of my top recommendations because it’s so… easy! One of the most common questions I get is about meal planning and what to make for dinner. Some of the bigger cookbooks can be overwhelming and you end up wasting 30 minutes just paging through some random section. With this, you only get dinner recipes, and there are so many great options!

Easy Keto Desserts will open your eyes to the amazing world of Keto sweets with ice cream to cake and everything in between! We’ve made a number of her recipes in this one and love the simplicity of it all - without loosing the taste!

Finally, Easy Keto Soups and Stews is Carolyn Ketchums latest cookbook. We’ve already made two soups from it and loved them both! There’s a huge variety both in types of meals and how you prepare them (Instant Pot, Crock Pot and stove top!).

maria emmerich keto recipes cookbook ketogenic diet

Cookbook #2:

Our next author is Maria Emmerich. She was one of the original Keto experts, has a wealth of knowledge and a number of books and cookbooks available! Two recent ones are her Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking and her Keto Comfort Foods.

Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking has a 100 page intro that covers everything from meal plans to detailed information on fats and proteins found in different cuts of meat. Maria writes about becoming keto adapted and then addresses a lot of common cooking questions surrounding sweeteners, spices and even kitchen gadgets!

The recipes range from cheesecake to fried ravioli and contain simple ingredients that even a novice chef like me knows how to use! Choosing a cookbook with key words like Quick and Easy are important to me - I know that I can make them and my family will eat them!

The Keto Comfort Foods cookbook has a shorter intro with the basics of Keto and Keto cooking. She talks about healthy fats, eggs, sweeteners and what to keep in your pantry. It’s one of the shorter intros we have, but the recipes that follow are quite tasty! Chicken pot pie, nachos and Death by Chocolate Cheesecake are just a few. While find that some of Maria Emmerich’s earlier cookbooks have recipes that taste amazing, some of them were time intensive. These new ones are simpler and easier to make with two little kids running around!

Keto living day by day cooking keto with kristie ketogenic cookbook

Cookbook #3:

Kristie Sullivan, PhD is another cookbook author to love! She has published Keto Living Day by Day and it’s one we definitely recommend! From mug omelets or a dutch baby to Kristi’s Crack Slaw, the recipes are delicious.

What I love about her cookbook is the intro. It’s one of the best ones for someone who is just getting started and needs some solid information on Keto that is understandable and actionable. Kristie Sullivan tells her story, the basics of Keto, macros, and portion sizes. She has tips for eating at restaurants, eating with friends and how to create a meal plan. Then she includes a section that walks through your first month eating Keto, day by day! It includes food journals, advice, and encouragement to keep it Keto. The entire intro is well over 100 pages and not meant to be read in one sitting. Because of the daily journal for your first month, I highly recommend this one!

So in summary…

Regardless of what cookbook you choose or how you get started, the most important thing is to …


Watch the Keto 101 video I mentioned above, stop buying those carb filled foods and start living the Keto Lifestyle! You won’t regret it!

Do you have another favorite cookbook? Message us on social media and tell us what it is!

Check out this video of Boss Babe walking through each of the cookbooks:

Macaroni and Cheese with Chicken

Macaroni and Cheese with Chicken

90 Second French Toast

90 Second French Toast