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Keto Travel Hacks!

Keto Travel Hacks!

Your Travel Plans Can Be Keto Friendly!

Keto snacks travel on the go

Before we started the Keto lifestyle we used to grab a Coke and pretzels for long car rides, Keto Boss Babe loved Twizzlers, and I’d grab a Monster or Red Bull at the gas station.

NOT anymore!

Here are some simple tips to keep your trip Keto or Low Carb!

Crunchy Snacks:
Nuts - Pistachios, Macadamia Nuts, Cashews etc. Just watch the portion size!
Whisps - Check out this variety pack on Amazon!
Moon Cheese - Check out this variety pack on Amazon!
* Not sure which to buy? Here’s a blog post that describes them! *

Oberto Bacon Jerky is one of our favorites: Check it out on Amazon here. We get single packs from Target.
Chomps are a great option for a stick. We get them at Trader Joes, but here’s what they look like: Chomps on Amazon
WickedCutz is Keto Boss Babe’s favorite and she likes the Mesquite jerky! Just check the labels on the other flavors.

Keto nut butter low carb snacks on the go

Chocolate and Nut Butters:
Barney Butter is popular at our house - The Cocoa and Coconut is Keto Boss Babe’s favorite, especially at 2 net carbs!
Justins Peanut Butter is an option our kids like - to spread on celery or to eat plain. We get a 10pack off Amazon. Some people choose not to eat peanut butter (it can be inflammatory for some). Careful with the flavored kinds (like Chocolate Hazelnut - lots more sugar!).
ChocZero is probably most well known for their chocolate, which is delicious! We have their milk chocolate bars, but they also have some other awesome options on their website!
Lily’s Chocolate is another fun option. They have lots of different flavors of chocolate bars…just be careful if you’re traveling somewhere hot - you don’t want to melt $10 worth of chocolate! We usually get them from Whole Foods or HyVee, but here’s an Amazon link.

Other Ideas:
Nush Cakes
- We just tried these, so they aren’t in the video, but they’re a great breakfast or snack on the go! Check out their website to order. Blueberry was our favorite, but they have a sample pack too!
Protein Bars by Kirkland are our favorite! We grab them from Costco for the best price, but you can check out the labels (or order if you’re not a Costco member) on Amazon here.


Keto NAT is our go-to keto supplement at home or on the road! Ketosis in 60 minutes with ketones that are bioidentical to the ones your body makes (so your body can actually use them!).

Electrolytes are also important to bring with - especially if you’re going somewhere hot, on an airplane, or even every day! Check out more information or order samples here.

Check out our Travel vlog!

Ultimate Keto Sam's Club Shopping List

Ultimate Keto Sam's Club Shopping List

Keto Maple Syrup Substitutes: Lakanto v ChocZero

Keto Maple Syrup Substitutes: Lakanto v ChocZero