Welcome to the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge!

Here are some simple steps to prep:
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**When does the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge start? Whenever you’re ready! No waiting for a specific date - but start soon! This marks the beginning of a new YOU!

1. Join the Pruvit private group! Support, coaches, and education to walk you through the Challenge! Request access here:

2. Keep it Keto! Start cutting back on carbs and sugars now - it will help with the process! We have a shopping list and meal guides and downloads below!

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Keto Meal Planning
Keto meal planning 10 day challenge
keto 10 day challenge meal planning

Activity Tracker! DOWNLOAD HERE
Let’s Optimize Your 10 Days. Here are some things to focus on!

  • Breakfast: Intermittent Fasting is the best option, otherwise choose a low carb option like eggs!

  • Drink your Ketones twice a day!

  • MitoPlex: Add to either Ketones, or drink separately in 12oz ice water (drink it ice cold and in about 15 minutes if plain)

  • Lunch/Dinner: Use these boxes to meal plan or just write down what you ate… or just check them off after you ate!

  • Move: Write down how many minutes you intentionally moved you body that day

  • Water: Goal is 1/2 your body weight (lbs) in ounces. This includes your coffee/tea/ketones

  • Sleep: Optimal is 8, shoot for at least 6!

  • Add in any notes you’d like - how many hours you intermittent fasted, unusual activities, how you felt etc!

Download Here!

Download Here!

Keto 10 Day Challenge Food Guide DOWNLOAD HERE

Use this as a guide for your next shopping trip! Focus on the healthiest meat you can get, whole (unprocessed) foods, and above ground veggies!

Check out the tips and start planning your pantry for your healthy lifestyle!

Download Here!

Download Here!

Keto 10 Day Challenge Meal Planning DOWNLOAD HERE

Need some help with meals? Here are some simple ideas for you!

You can use the activity tracker to meal plan. The easiest way to meal plan is to pick a few types of meat and then create a meal around that. Ground beef? Make bunless burgers or tacos. Chicken? Bacon wrapped chicken breast or naked quesadillas (just fry the chicken and cheese on a pan and then add toppings).

You can also check out all the recipes on our blog! www.simplefunketo.com/blog

Keto 10 Day Challenge Meal Planning