5 MitoPlex UPGRADED Electrolytes!

5 MitoPlex UPGRADED Electrolytes!


Did you know most people in Ketosis are deficient in Electrolytes? You might experience the Keto Flu, lethargic, run down, headache or cramps. Try MitoPlex Upgraded Electrolytes for:
*Improved Energy Metabolism
*Increased Mitochondrial Biogenisis (more energy!)
*Creatine for cognitive and energy performance
*Vitamin D3 for bone growth, cardiovascular health and immune system function!
*Optimal formula of Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamins

They're tasteless - so combine with your Ketones, or drink in plain water! Keto Boss Babe and I LOVE our MITO//PLEX! ($10 is for 5 MitoPlex Electrolytes ONLY - no Ketones)

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