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Exogenous Ketones are a fuel source for your body.  Ketones you can drink!  It's an optimized fuel source! 

  • Better energy

  • Better focus

  • Better sleep

  • Better strength

  • Better mood

  • Fat loss!

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Don't let that Sample Pack sit around!  Not sure which one to try first?  Close your eyes, reach your hand in that back and pull out the first one you touch!  Mix with ice water, shake, and BAM!  Enjoy Ketosis in under an hour!  

What time of day should you drink it?  Caffeine sensitive?  Drink caffeinated in the morning!  Try the uncharged in the afternoon. Most people prefer their ketones in the morning, but many (like my wife) enjoy it in the afternoon - it's totally up to you!

The keto dad pruvit ketones ketosis

Want to spice it up?  Add any flavor La Croix instead of water!  Add a little heavy cream to the Swiss Cacao, or mix the Chocolate Swirl with coffee!  There are tons of different concoctions - just message me if you'd like some ideas!

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Keto 101: Ketones and Ketosis

  • What does it mean to be in ketosis?

  • What are the different ways to get there?

  • Why are ketones supplements taking the market by storm?


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