Welcome to the 60 Hour Reboot!

Here's are some simple tips to prep for the best Reboot experience!

We’re excited to be part of YOUR Keto journey!

Order the Reboot Today!!!

Order the Reboot Today!!!

Your Reboot Schedule:

The Reboot starts on Sunday at 8pm CT!  That means your entire Sunday is normal up until 8pm. If you need to start a different day, that's ok!  You will drink water and take 3 Signal OS PM before bed.

Get a good night's sleep and let's get going!

When you wake up Monday, drink your caffeine Keto NAT, your Signal OS and your MitoPlex electrolyte.  As you fast and drink more water, you'll need those extra electrolytes! Continue to follow the schedule and check in with Pruvit’s Reboot group!

Order a discounted Sample Pack!

Order a discounted Sample Pack!

Keep going until Wednesday morning!  Your first meal will be your Keto Pro. Mix it with just water or blend with ice!


Step 1: A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way!

Get started by prepping your pantry!  Don't buy that loaf of bread this week, leave the pasta on the shelf, and grab a shaker bottle for your water and Ketones!  If you start to implement a low carb lifestyle ahead of time, your Reboot will be even easier!  

Tell your friends and family that you'd love their support!  You're going to do a 60hr Reboot that may push your limits, but it's incredibly important to you that you're successful!  So if they could not eat that philly cheesesteak or rocky road ice cream in front of you...that would be great ;)

Check out recipes on our blog or our Facebook page!

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Step 2: Join the Pruvit Reboot Facebook Page!

Get guidance, tips, and encouragement from over 75,000 people that are rebooting with you!!!   https://www.facebook.com/groups/ketoreboot/

There's no question to silly, awkward, or dumb to ask - so watch the videos, read the posts, and comment away!
*Use the "search" feature on the left side to find answer to questions you might have

*Message me!  Facebook, Instagram, whatever!  I'm happy to answer any questions you have!

Join the Keto Dad Private Reboot Page!  Click here!  

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Step 3: Load the Deck!

Want to prep for the Reboot with some ketones OR continue the awesome effects of ketones after the reboot?  Think about trying a 5 or 8 day flavor pack!  You'll get to try some of the different flavors of Ketones we have available AND you’ll get FREE Keto Kreme with your order.   
Get access to our SPECIAL PRICING HERE!

The Keto Reboot is your catalyst to BETTER!

*Start on the chosen Date with the group, or start on your own schedule - whatever works best for you!

Download the step by step Reboot User Guide here: pruvit.com/ketoreboot

Order more Ketones, Keto Pro and Kreme here: https://nick.pruvitnow.com (referral code "Nick")