Specialty UNLEASHED + MAX/NAT Pack (6 Packs)

Specialty UNLEASHED + MAX/NAT Pack (6 Packs)


Includes two UNLEASHED and 4 MAX or NAT packets (6 total).
Need an extra shot of energy and Ketones?  UNLEASHED products have 33% MORE Ketones and caffeine equivalent to 12oz of coffee! 

Message us on social media or via email to specify which flavors you’d like! Facebook Messenger , Instagram .

Pruvit makes smaller products runs of new/seasonal NAT Ketone flavors and they are only available via FLASH sales (one or two days at a time).  Some of the flavors end up becoming permanent products, others stay seasonal.
Try out some of these specialty flavors so you'll be ready to order next time they're available! 
UNLEASHED boxes are available to purchase from Pruvit through your account.

Vanilla Ski (Vanilla Cream Soda Flavor)
Celebration (Apple/Pear Flavor)
Holy Grail (Coconut Lime Flavor)
Fairy Dust (Frosted Plum Flavor)
Envy (Thin Mint Flavor)
Purple Reign (Grape Koolaid Flavor)
Jellies (Jelly Bean Flavor)

UNLEASHED Ruby Rush (Grapefruit)
UNLEASHED Blue Ocean (Pina Colada)
UNLEASHED Eclipse (Black Cherry)

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