Focus. Energy. Fat Loss. Mood. Ketones!

What do you know about Ketones and Ketosis?

Have you tried Ketones by Pruvit? Get into Ketosis in 60 minutes with Ketones that are bioidentical to the ones your body makes. What does that mean? Clean fuel that gives you focus, more energy, a better mood and helps with fat loss and cravings!

This Keto Dad has been drinking them for years and they were the catalyst for Keto Boss Babe to kick her carbs to the curb and start eating Keto!

Most Popular: 8 Day Plus 3 MitoPlex = $65

Includes Ketones, Keto Kreme and 3 MitoPlex Upgraded Electrolytes

Will include a variety of the following (with at least 2 caffeine free)
Splash, Raspberry Lemonade, Heart Tart, Maui Punch, and Lime Time, plus Sweet Cream Kreme. Plus 3 Upgraded MitoPlex Electrolytes.

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What’s in your Sample Pack??? Choose from packs above to experience the following:
Ketosis in just 60 minutes! Experience the benefits of Ketosis:
—Focus, Energy, Fat Loss, Better Mood, Fewer Cravings—
Ketones are perfect for you if:
*You eat a standard diet, but want to experience the benefits of Ketosis
*You eat a Low Carb diet and want to accelerate fat loss and experience more of the benefits of Ketosis
*You are already in Ketosis, but want to crush the lifestyle with a deeper level of Ketosis with optimal benefits!

Kreme: Kreme comes with the 8 Day sample packs and is the perfect for your busy mornings! Add to coffee (or any beverage like Almond milk or tea) to make it “fat”. 12 grams of fat and 130 calories make it the perfect breakfast replacement. Experience the other benefits from the perfect blend of collagen and MCTs!

MitoPlex Upgraded Electrolytes: Did you know most people in Ketosis are deficient in Electrolytes? You might experience the Keto Flu, lethargic, run down, headache or cramps. Add an Upgraded Electrolyte like MitoPlex for:
*Improved Energy Metabolism
*Increased Mitochondrial Biogenisis (more energy!)
*Creatine for cognitive and energy performance
*Vitamin D3 for bone growth, cardiovascular health and immune system function!
*Optimal formula of Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamins

They're tasteless - so combine with your Ketones, or drink in plain water! Keto Boss Babe and I LOVE our MITO//PLEX!