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Not sure what exogenous ketones are?  Watch the short video below to learn more!

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Your order will include 8 packets of Ketones from the variety shown plus one additional sachet of Keto Kreme!


What are the benefits?

Focus.  Energy.  Fat Loss.  Sleep.  Strength.  Mood.

How do I drink my ketones? 

Add some water (12-20oz, to taste) and a little ice, shake!  Want a little more spice in your life?  Use sparkling water (La Croix), almond milk or even add a little heavy cream!

How about the Keto Kreme? 

Perfectly formulated to add to your coffee, almond milk or tea! No more measuring and mixing…just pour it in! You can drink it hot or cold. Instant MCT brain boost, advanced DNA repair, strengthens hair and nails, reduces joint pain and inflammation and improves digestive and gut health!

Learn more about Kreme here: Pruvit’s Keto Kreme

What if I'm already in Ketosis?

Fantastic!  This will deepen your level of ketosis.

What if I'm just Low Carb, not Keto?

Fantastic!  This now you'll get the benefit of ketones in your body!

What flavors will I get?

You'll get a variety of our flavors: Swiss Cacao, Orange Dream, Chocolate Swirl, Maui Punch, Heart Tart, Key Limeade, Splash and Raspberry Lemonade.  And a FREE KREME!

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