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Stovetop Lasagna

Stovetop Lasagna

Super Simple One Pot Lasagna!

Keto Lasagna

This is one of our favorite Italian dishes!  Sometimes we like to skip the zoodles and all the slicing and dicing that can come with it and just make this simple Lasagna instead. 

There are lots of ways to make it your own based on the cheeses and spices your family likes.  What would you add?

Dive in and enjoy!

Kitchen Items You'll Need:

  • Large Saute pan with lid (doesn't need to go in oven)

Stovetop Lasagna

Ingredients You'll Need:

  • 1lb Ground Beef

  • Pasta Sauce (we love Rao's!)

  • 1/2 lb sliced deli Turkey or chicken

  • Mozzarella Cheese


  • Ricotta cheese

  • Cottage cheese

  • Spinach (optional to taste) sautéed in butter

  • Italian Seasoning (used Daks)


  • Cook Ground beef in skillet, mix together with pasta Sauce (you can do this all the same pan...we prefer to pull it out and mix it in a separate bowl).

  • Start with a thin layer of sauce in bottom of the skillet

  • Layer of deli chicken or turkey

  • Layer of meat and sauce mixture

  • Layer of cheese (we used ricotta and mozzarella)

  • Repeat!

Heat in skillet on low for 10-15 min with lid on.  Easy!

Serves 5
Macros: Fat 34g, Carbs 6g, Fiber 1g, (Net Carbs 5) Protein 33g

Watch The Keto Dad make this recipe!


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